My Weight Loss Journey Day 111

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My Daily Food Diary – Day 111

Current Weigh In: As of Saturday, August 29, I weighed in at 250 pounds – the same weight I was after finding out I was misreading my scale. I have lost 13 pounds and gained 11 pounds. My next weigh in is Saturday, September 5.

AM Notes


Since I am now working and going to school, I need to make some adjustments to my calories because I wake up two hours earlier than I used to; and I also go to sleep one or more hours later than I used to. This is because my work hours are morning to afternoon three days a week and afternoon to evening twice a week; and my school hours are 8 pm to 11 pm five days a week.

In order to have homework time and keep up with my devotionals, I am sleeping less. This means I am awake more hours of the day and need to eat a little more than I was eating to get enough calories to have energy for my demanding day. So, I said all of that to say that I will be increasing my calories to 2,500 per day. To offset what might be a slight weight gain, I will be adding the 7-Minute Challenge workout (that I previously discovered about day 4) back into my daily routine. If I find that I am still gaining weight from week to week, even with the exercise, then I will reduce my calories again.

Friday, 7:30 am Breakfast (500 calories allotted)

  • 3 Cups of Apple Jacks Cereal – 450 calories
  • 8 oz of Almond Milk – 80 calories
  • Total 7:30 am Breakfast calories = 530 (30 calories over allotment)

Friday, 9:30 am Snack (1) (200 – Breakfast overage = 170 calories allotted): at work

  • 1/4 Bottle of Orange Strawberry Sunny D – 75 calories
  • Total 9:30 am Snack (1) calories = 75 (95 calories under allotment)

Friday, 11:30 am Lunch (500 + 9:30 am Snack (1) leftover = 595 calories allotted): at work

  • 1 Can of Sprite – 190 calories
  • Stax Cheddar Chips – 300 calories
  • Total 11:30 am Lunch calories = 490 (105 calories under allotment)

Friday, 1:45 pm Snack (2) (200 + 11:30 am Lunch leftover = 305 calories allotted)

  • Twix Ice Cream Snack Cup – 190 calories
  • Total 1:45 pm Snack (2) calories = 190 (115 calories under allotment)

Friday, 3:30 pm Snack (3) (200 + 1:45 pm Snack leftover = 315 calories allotted)

  • Cheese Danish – 290 calories
  • Total 3:30 pm Snack (3) calories = 290 (25 calories under allotment)

Friday, 6:00 pm Dinner (500 + 3:30 pm Snack (3) leftover = 525 calories allotted)

  • 1/4 L of Water – 0 calories
  • 1 Loaded Baked Potato – 390 calories
  • 2 Cups of Green Grapes – 208 calories
  • Total 6:00 pm Dinner calories = 598 (73 calories over allotment)

Friday, 8:00 pm Snack (4) (200 – 6:00 pm Dinner overage = 127 calories allotted)

  • 1/4 L of Water – 0 calories
  • Sour Cream & Cheddar Chips – 300 calories
  • Total 8:00 pm Snack (4) calories = 300 (173 calories over allotment)

Friday, 10:00 pm Snack (5) (200 – 8 pm Snack (4) overage = 27 calories allotted)

  • None – 0 calories
  • Total 10:00 pm Snack (5) calories = 0 (27 calories under allotment)

Total Calories Consumed: 530 + 75 + 490 + 190 + 290 + 598 + 300 = 2,473 as of 10:00 pm.

PM Notes

——————— END ———————

UPDATE: Here’s something to think about when it comes to dieting…

I watched a documentary on obesity as an epidemic in America. It related the theory that the low-fat craze is actually causing more heart disease. The diet we should be following is more high in fat than high in carbs and low in fat. I also have noticed since beginning my weight loss journey that when I have a high-fat day (now this is going to get a little gross, but there’s a point to be made), I don’t have trouble eliminating my bowel (in fact, I may have up to five bowel movements in a day – that adds up to weight loss). When I have a high-carb, low-fat diet day, I feel more constipated and may have as few as zero (yes, 0) bowel movements. Knowing this, it does seem that what should be a healthy diet (lowfat) is not working with my body.

According to Mark Hyman, MD, eating fat doesn’t necessarily make you fat. Too much sugar makes you fat. Eating fat contributes to fat burning (that is what I was trying to say). Check out this video:

Here’s another good one: Dr. Hyman says, “Metabolism is not a math problem (just about counting calories – that has been my major approach throughout this journey, trying to decrease calories thinking that fewer calories equates exactly to more weight loss). According to Dr. Hyman, what you eat turns on or off different triggers in your brain. That’s the weight control center. It’ not about the pure calorie count.

OMG. I have to take this in. Could it really be that a higher fat diet will “speak” to my brain differently and change my hormones so that I am not craving and hungry all of the time? Could it really speed up my metabolism and release more fat from the fat cells? If this is true, I might break out of the 250 pound plateau that I have been holding steady for over 100 days! Well, time will tell. Since the workout challenge could skew the results, I am not going to add it yet. I’m just going to increase the fat percentage while keeping the calories steady, and see if that works for me. If not, I’ll add the workout. I’m going to get the book, “Eat Fat Get Thin” by Dr. Hyman.

——————— END ———————

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