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31 Women Ministries by Shenica R. Graham

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WiSeekU Bible Institute

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"365 Seeds of Promise by Shenica R. Graham

The Seeds of Promise Devotional Series is a collection of tools designed to empower Christian living. «  read more

"Shine" Devotional Series by Shenica R. Graham
"Shine: A Woman of Purpose" by Shenica R. Graham
"Shine: Consecration & Devotional Journal" by Shenica R. Graham
"Shine: Womanhood Program Manual" by Shenica R. Graham
"Shine: A Journal of Purpose" by Shenica R. Graham
"Shine: Devotional Affirmations Journal" by Shenica R. Graham
"Shine: Womanhood: A Rites of Passage Workbook" by Shenica R. Graham
"Shine: A Workbook of Purpose" by Shenica R. Graham
"Shine: Maximizing Ministry Guide" by Shenica R. Graham

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« Ruby Shoes
« Shine: A Woman of Purpose (2nd Edition)

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Greetings! Thank you for your interest in hiring me for your next design or publishing project. I hope you enjoyed viewing my portfolio. Use the form on this page to submit a job inquiry so that I may follow up with you. I will be reaching out from GSyndicates Media, my design firm.

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Shenica Graham: Excellent by Design
Shenica R. Graham, Founder, GSyndicates
Shenica Graham

Greetings! My name is Shenica Graham. I am an avid writer, graphic and web designer, fashionista, teacher, tutor, recording artist, and creative thinker. If you want ideas, you are in the right place. « read more

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GSyndicates Media

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Haute Midwest

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Haute Midwest Models

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My Psych Teacher

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My Psych Teacher University

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RS Entertainment

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RS Records

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SandLine Mentoring Program

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