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Shenica R. Graham provides a variety of quality web design and development services for businesses and individuals. Available projects include Web development, HTML design, CSS design, graphic image / logo design, social media management, branding, social media management, and content writing. Services are provided via GSyndicates Media – a division of GSyndicates, LLC – an Iowa Limited Liability Company. GSyndicates LLC and its subsidiaries are collectively a creative powerhouse. When you plug in to this outlet, your vision gets brighter! Contact me for more information, or hire me to get started with your web development project.

Web Design & Development Services

If you can answer, “Yes” to all or most of the questions in my Web Development Needs Survey, then GSyndicates Media is your designer! View some of my work.

Contact me for more information, or hire me to get started with your Web Development project.

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Web Design Services

  • Design logos
  • Create wireframes
  • Design landing pages
  • Create cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • Create complementary color schemes
  • Create coordinating graphics
  • Provide photography and or source relevant photos
  • Create interactive elements to engage visitors – such as polls, mind games, and quizzes
  • Manage ongoing site development

Social Media Management

  • Create and manage social media presence
  • Ensure consistent branding across entire social network.
  • Monitor Social Media Streams
  • Create and track social media ads

Research & SEO

  • Legal Compliance
  • Available Grants
  • Government Programs
  • Keywords
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • And More!

WordPress Services

GSyndicates Media offers WordPress theme customization and development services. Did you install a new theme only to realize that it looks nothing like the demo? How do you make your site match the reason you picked the theme in the first place? Contact me for more information, or hire me to get started with your project. View some of my theme customizations.

Appetite Theme: My Psych Teacher University
tdeditor theme: Shine On Purpose

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Free Initial Consultation

Your brand is your first impression. It can make the difference between a customer reaching out to buy your product or service, and a click away that never returns. To help engage your market and convert more visitors to customers, we will create a complementary brand analysis when you schedule your free initial brand evaluation. This service includes website analysis.

Your brand elements will be analyzed and tested using industry standard evaluation tools. Your subsequent analysis report includes a summary of preliminary findings. Recommended design upgrades and other services are listed within this document.

While our initial evaluation is thorough, this is not an exhaustive report. Our paid web services include further evaluation by which other issues could be identified.

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Meet Your Designer

Shenica R. Graham of GSyndicates Media is your designer. She will guide you in branding, launching fresh content management sites and customizations, and attractive marketing campaigns including promotional books and e-commerce Websites that are essential and economical.

Shenica began creating websites nearly twenty years ago – before they were intensely popular, and before every business owner learned that a state-of-the-art Website was a must-have. She discovered WordPress in 2009. She now specializes in Small Business Consulting, aiding new and established businesses in launching vibrant content.

Shenica’s extensive writing and design project experience (in addition to providing your organization with an aesthetically stunning brand and web presence), allows her to create the fundraising P3 – “Products, Paraphernalia, and Publications.” Contact her for more information, or hire her to get started with your creative project.

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